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Here’s what the Howling Mystery Box offers:


🍂 Dynamic Duo - Enjoy our renowned fair trade organic special blends coupled with some of the Bandits favourite picks!

🍂 Single Origin Surprise - Every box brings a fresh flavor from a different corner of the world. What tales will your cup share next?

🍂 Season’s Specialty - Relish a handpicked seasonal flavored coffee, evoking memories of celebrations and traditions.

🍂 Be Heard! - Scan the included Howling QR code for a direct line to the Howling Bandit crew. Suggest origins, vote for upcoming flavors, and shape the future of your coffee experience.

🍂 A Community of Coffee Lovers - Beyond just a box, you’re now a part of our story. Share your tasting experiences, connect with fellow aficionados, and unravel the coffee mysteries together.


Are you ready to challenge your senses and elevate your coffee experience?

Subscribe to the Howling Mystery Box, or buy it for other Bandits you know and share the win!! (or a cup)


Price Options
Monthly Subscription
Subscribe and save 15% + $9 flat rate shipping in Canada
C$29.75every month for 12 months
Six Times Per Year
Subscribe and save 10% + $9 flat rate shipping in Canada
C$31.50every 2 months for 12 months
Four Times Per Year
Subscribe and save 5% + $9 flat rate shipping in Canada
C$33.25every 3 months for 12 months
  • Unleash the Howling Mystery with Our Howling Mystery Box!

    Every sip of coffee tells a story, and every bean whispers the secrets of its origin.

    With the Howling Mystery Box, we invite you on a captivating journey into the world of coffee, where a new coffee story is around every corner.

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