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Howling Bandit's Coffee Gift Subscription: 


Coffee transcends mere taste—it's an experience, a conversation starter, and, for many, a daily ritual that brings friends and family closer. The Howling Bandit understands this bond and aims to make every cup a remarkable journey. When you gift our Monthly Coffee Experience, you're not just offering a beverage, but a shared moment of discovery and delight.


Features of the Howling Bandit's Monthly Coffee Gift Subscription:

How about sharing some new tastes?  (because you know yours is pretty good)!


  • Lucky Recipient receives two 1 lb bags of coffee, 3 times per year.
  • Choose from the Single-Origin Box: Popular Choices and Experiences
  • The Bandits Brew Box: The Bandits Chosen Favorites
  • Flavour Sampler Box: Coffees that will take you to your Happy Place. 


🌙 Roasted to Perfection: Every bean is given the Bandit’s touch, perfectly roasted to highlight its unique character. And for that personalized finish? It's freshly ground exactly to the lucky recipient's preference, ensuring their brew is just right, every time.


🌙 First in Line: Being part of the Bandit's privileged circle means early access to freshly sourced single-origin releases, limited to subscription members.


🌙 Prompt and Fresh: Time is of the essence. We take pride in roasting and dispatching their coffee treasures promptly, ensuring peak freshness upon arrival.


🌙 Efficiency Meets Excellence: Zero shipping fees and prompt deliveries. Every subscription promises unmatched value for the quality offered.

Gifts are more than just objects—they're memories, gestures, and bridges that connect us. In gifting this subscription, you're gifting countless mornings of joy, reflective moments, and heartwarming conversations over a cup of coffee that's as extraordinary as the tales of the Howling Bandit.


Thinking of strengthening bonds? Think of the Howling Bandit's Monthly Coffee Experience.  Sometimes it's ok to make yourself look cool by being cool because you did something cool for your family and friends! (And then had a coffee to celebrate)


  • Got an issue with your order? The Bandit's crew has got your back. Get in touch at

    🐺 For online orders, you've got a 24-hour window to hit the brakes. After that, we're committed to the roast. Need to cancel within that time? Email us at No price adjustments after the fact.

    🐺 Subscriptions, once confirmed, are final. Make sure to tweak your next orders to your taste before we start the roast.

    🐺 Picked up some of our gear? You can return merchandise and brewing equipment within 15 days, as long as they're in their original, unopened condition. Return shipping's on you. We’ll process your refund after checking the returned gear. Kick off the process by emailing

    🐺 For pick-up orders, there's a 24-hour window for cancellations. Unclaimed orders? No refunds. We’ll remind you after a week. Fancy shipping instead of pickup? Ensure your order meets the free shipping criteria, or shipping costs are on you.

    🐺 Just so you know, roasted coffee is final sale - no returns or refunds.

    Stay brew-tiful!

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