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Bandit's Brew Signature Collection: A Treasure Trove of Tastes

Dive into the heart of the Howling Bandit's world, where every bean is a testament to adventure and taste.


🍂 Rebel Roast: This medium-dark beauty is a reminder of timeless traditions, roasted to perfection.

🍂 Colombian Contraband: Experience single-origin splendor, each sip echoing tales from Colombia's vibrant highlands.

🍂 Bandit Bold Shot Espresso: The essence of audacity in a cup. Bold, beautiful, and unapologetically brilliant.

🍂 Seasonal Roasts: The rhythm of the seasons with a flavor that evokes memories, moments, and more.


With this collection, the Bandit brings you an orchestra of flavors, from the gutsy to the graceful, ensuring your coffee moments are always legendary.



C$35.00 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price

    Bandit's Brew Signature Collection: Immerse yourself in the Howling Bandit's curated coffee realm. From the rich allure of the Rebel Roast and the vibrant tales of the Colombian Contraband to the bold audacity of the Bandit Bold Shot Espresso. Rounded off with a seasonal roast that captures the essence of celebration throughout the year. This collection is a symphony of flavors, expertly chosen, offering a coffee experience that's both thrilling and memorable. Dive into this treasure trove of tastes, and let every cup take you on an unmatched adventure.

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